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How to Install a Gaming Chair?

How to Install a Gaming Chair? | Detailed Guide & Analysis

Gaming Chairs in India have a huge demand these days due to the comfort and various other health benefits that one gets even after sitting on that chair for long hours. There are a lot of gaming chairs available in the market but if you select one of the best gaming chairs in India, then you will truly get the awesome benefits that it provides. Also before buying you might have a question in mind “How to Install a Gaming Chair?“. So this blog will help you to give all detailed information related to that.

So if you are in search of an ergonomic gaming chair or have bought it but facing difficulties in its assembly process, then you have opened the right article. Because here we will be narrating the assembly process that is “How to install a gaming chair?” Shortly after discussing the benefits of the gaming chair, we will dig into the process of installation.

So stay tuned, hope by the end of this article you will be ready with your gaming chair to use.

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Why to use a Gaming Chair? | Benefits of using a Gaming Chairs

If you are a beginner who loves to play several computer games or a pro gamer, then the first thing that you need to set up in your room is an ideal gaming chair. We hope that you may have realized the reason behind it, still, if any doubt let me clear it for you.

You will be playing games for prolonged hours so that can cause back and neck problems in the long run. So these ergonomic gaming chairs can help you in that case.

Another thing that we want to clear here is that please don’t get confused by the name “gaming chairs.” The main highlight of this statement is that these are not ideal for gamers only but rather corporate workers can also use them as they can serve the purposes of the best computer chairs too.

People suffering from back pains can also use them for relaxation or reading newspapers, thus there are several ways a gaming chair can help you with. 

Let us now focus on the main reason to present this article that is the installation process.

Steps to Install a Gaming Chair:-

1:- From the package box, the backrest has to be taken out and the protective plastic has to be removed. Then the pre-installed backrest 5mm bolts have to be removed with the aid of the large hex key on the right side of the backrest.

2:- Just like the above one, the same thing has to be repeated on the left side of the ergonomic chair and the bolts are to be saved. The chair seat has to be then taken out of the box from which the protective plastic has to be removed and also the protective foam from the metal side brackets.

3:- On the left side of the chair, the backrest has to be aligned with the bracket. The backrest has to be then attached using the bolts saved in step 1 using the large hex key.

4:- Repeat the same attachment process of the backrest on the left side using the 5mm bolts saved in step 2. Make sure to tighten both the screws at this point.

5:- Now, with the help of a small hex key and side cover screws, the lower and upper side covers are to be mounted on the left side and right side. Again with the large hex key, the preinstalled screws have to be removed from the bottom of the seat.

6:- The mechanism has to be installed then facing the front of the seat with the height adjustment lever on the left side and the large round knob should be at the front of the chair.

7:- Then the red cap from the hydraulic gas lift has to be removed and the gas lift cover has to be put over the gas lift that should be inserted into the mechanism. After all these steps are over take out the wheelbase from the box and place them upside down into which the casters are to be installed.

8:- Lastly, you have to just insert the hydraulic gas lift into the hole on the wheelbase and turn the chair upright carefully. With this, the assembly process gets complete and ready for use.

You can also check the vedio for reference.


The Final Verdict

So after reading the above steps, you have already become aware of the process of installing a gaming chair. Now, if you are interested to buy a gaming chair for your home or office, then there are some best gaming chair in India that you can go for.

Want to get some idea about the best gaming chairs as per our preference? Then we suggest you go for three products or brands that we prefer.

You can select any models of Green Soul gaming chair, Apex Crusader xi gaming chair, or Nokaxus gaming chair. These are one of the best gaming chairs available online in India with lots of features and easy installation. For more detailed info, you can read ” Top 10 Best Gaming Chairs In India| Buying Guide & Review “.

Hope you like this blog !!!

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