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5 Best Hair Wig for Men in India

Top 5 Best Hair Wig in India for men | Buying Guide & Reviews

Even though women are known to be more attentive towards ‘style’ than men, it was men who wore wigs throughout history. There were two main reasons for this: either they wanted to fight their STD, or they wanted to conceal their premature balding.

However, even so, there is a stigma surrounding men wearing wigs because they are thought to be a ‘feminine’ accessory. Thanks to the changes in trends, people are now beginning to accept man wigs as something normal.

There are several other options you could go for instead of wearing wigs, for example, getting a hair transplant, or using serums to increase your hair’s density but wigs will always remain the most convenient yet cheap alternative to all the expensive treatments out there.

Regardless of the reason why you need a wig as a man, we’re here to help you! When it comes to look for the best hair wigs in India, we have got you covered! In this article we are going to shed light on the ” Best Hair Wig for Men in India “. Let’s get started!

List of Top 5 Best Hair Wigs for men in India


Product Name


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Kabello Natural Black Human Hair Toupee

Amybria Men's Short Straight Hair Wig

Kabello Hair Loss Solution Hair Patch

Glan Real Human Hair Patch For Men

AGARO Foldable Leg and Calf massager

1. Kabello Natural Black Human Hair Toupee

Best Hair Wig for Men in India

Product Description

When buying wigs, it is essential to look for ones that look natural. However, a ‘natural appearance’ shouldn’t be the only criteria for buying a man’s wig. What good will a natural-looking wig do if it doesn’t feel comfortable at all?

If you were searching for something that not only looks natural, but feels natural too, then Kabello Natural Black wig has got you covered! It’s got a top quality base, which isn’t just as soft as a feather, but it’s also very easy to put on too! Putting the wig on is the most complicated part, but this just makes matters easier.

This natural hair wig makes you look dashing and flawless at the same time. It shows off a fine mono hair system which, unlike other low quality wigs, covers every inch of baldness. Because of such features this is one of the best hair wig for men.

Additionally, the wig features very soft, high quality human hair which don’t look unusual sitting on the top of your head. With a hair length of 6 inches, and a medium hair density, this wig can be styled in whatever way you’d like. Plus, you don’t have to take extra care while washing it because it’s made to last long!

Technical Description

  • Manufacturer – Kanika Enterprises
  • Product weight – 40 gm
  • Length of the Hair – 6 inch
  • Size – Different sizes available
  • Item dimension – 12.7 x 12.7 x 10.16 cm
  • Silky, smooth hair quality
  • Very natural-looking
  • Easy to put on
  • Very comfortable
  • Price seems to high if you have very tight budget

2. Amybria Men’s Short Straight Hair Wig

Best Hair Wig for Men

Product Description

If you’re prefer straight, and perfectly styled hair, then this one’s a must-buy for you! Not only does it appear to be natural, but it also looks very stylish when you wear it. If you lack confidence because of your baldness, then this wig an icebreaker.

Instead of the messy-looking curly hair wig that most men wear, this one is neat, yet natural. It doesn’t come in various cap sizes because the average-sized cap is suitable for all head sizes! If it doesn’t go on easily for you, you can even adjust the inner cap net easily.

This is a feasible option if you were in search of something that’s affordable yet high quality. The hair is made from heat resistant synthetic fibre which means you can style in whatever way you want. Plus if you aren’t a fan of long hair, this one is perfect because of its average hair length.

The best part is, harmful substances are avoided when manufacturing this wig, unlike many others. Hence the dyestuff that they’ve used is environmentally friendly. So if you are someone who cares about the environment, this is the best wig you’ll find online!

Technical Description

  • Manufacturer – Amybria
  • Product weight – 90.72 gm
  • Hair Type – Straight
  • Material – Synthetic
  • Item dimension – 10 x 10 x 10 cm
  • Heat resistant synthetic fibre hair
  • Average hair length
  • Affordable hair wig
  • Environmentally friendly manufacturing process used
  • Doesn’t look very natural

3. Kabello Hair Loss Solution Hair Patch

Best Hair Wigs for Men in India

Product Description

There’s a list of reasons why we have chosen this particular wig in our list of the Best Hair Wig for Men. Compared to so many other wigs we found online, this one was the most reasonably priced, considering its quality.

It isn’t like ordinary wigs that are uncomfortable and made of unbreathable material. This one features a Mono Base Toupee which is very breathable. This ensures maximum comfort since it doesn’t feel unnatural stretched on your head.

To further enhance its natural look, the base of this men hair wig is surrounded by a thin, skin-like material. This is the best hair wig online because it shows off naturally straight, high quality hair. The good news is, the wig can be styled according to your choice by professionals.

The length of this wig’s dense hair is about 6 inches, and the material of the hair prevents it from getting tangled, or becoming smelly after wearing. So in conclusion, you get a natural, easy to style, and comfortable wig in a very low price tag!

Technical Description

  • Manufacturer – Kanika Enterprises
  • Product weight – 150 gm
  • Hair Type – Straight
  • Material – Synthetic
  • Length of the Hair – 6 inch
  • Size – Different sizes available
  • Item dimension – 15.7 x 10.6 x 9.7 cm
  • Natural appearance
  • Affordable and a great product
  • Very durable and easy to use
  • Hair density is slightly thinner than expected

4. Glan Real Human Hair Patch For Men

Best Hair Wigs for Men

Product Description

When you compare hair wig price you’re going to see that this is slightly costly! Yes we agree that this isn’t very affordable, but if you are in search of a high quality wig, with the most natural-looking hair, then this is your go-to wig.

This is one of the best wig for men real hair when you’re comparing durability, and appearance. It shows off a mono filament top which is superfine, and high definition knots which give you the best, most natural-looking hairline. When we tried this wig out, we were surprised to see how comfortable it feels.

When you put on a wig, there’s an uncomfortable feeling that follows. However, with this wig, we didn’t feel a thing! It slides very naturally on top of the head and it’s also easy to adjust. Plus it also ace the durability test and proved that it’s unbeatable in terms of quality, and durability.

Technical Description

  • Manufacturer – Glan
  • Hair Type – Straight
  • Color – Brown
  • Length of the Hair – 6 inch
  • Size – Different sizes available
  • It is highly durable
  • Comfortable and easy to wear
  • Natural look and attractive
  • Sometimes hair stick to each other

5. Majik Hair Wig For Men Original

Best Hair Wig for Men

Product Description

Last but not least, we present you another top quality product: Majik Hair Wig for Men Original. Among all men hair wigs this is one of the best in terms of quality, durability, and appearance. With its 100% human hair, this wig doesn’t stick out like a sore thumb, giving you a natural and flawless look!

It is an artificial hair wig, but looking at its appearance, you can’t tell it’s artificial. The hair wig shows off naturally straight hair which you can restyle according to your requirement. The wig features thin skin around the circumference of the cap which gives you a natural hairline, without compromising your comfort.

The top quality hair have an average length of 6 inches, and they won’t get tangled, or smelly even if you wear them for a long time. Another outstanding feature of this hair wig is that it’s comfortable because of the breathable, mono base toupee. Considering all its spectacular features, we concluded that it very reasonably priced.

Technical Description

  • Manufacturer – Madaan Enterprises
  • Hair Type – Straight
  • Color – Black
  • Length of the Hair – 6 inch
  • Size – Different sizes available
  • Tangle-free hair
  • 100% natural human hair
  • Can be styled easily
  • Hair density is slightly lower than expected

Buying Guide: How to Choose the Best Hair wig for Men

Best hair wig brands in India

In order to choose the perfect wig, there are certain factors that you need to take into consideration. If you’re still confused about what hair wig you want to buy, this buying guide will surely help you in making the right choice.

Here’s what you need to keep in mind when searching for the best hair wig:

Type of Wig

For starters, you must determine the type of wig you’re looking for. This will make it much easier for you to find a top quality wig. Basically, there are two types of wigs: natural, and synthetic.

While a natural wig is far more expensive than a synthetic one, it is also better if you want a natural look. It’s made out of real human hair, unlike a synthetic wig. This makes it look authentic, and makes you look flawless!

Your face’s shape

Before you start searching for hair wig online, make sure you know the shape of your face. If you have a round face, then spiky wigs are the ideal choice for you. On the other hand, if your face is oval shaped, then long, wavy wigs are the best.

Regardless of your face’s shape, whether it is square, diamond, or even a triangular shape, you’ll find various options to choose from. If you are purchasing a wig for the first time, it is important to consider your face’s shape before you buy a wig.

Color of your eyes, and your skin tone

Both these features play an important role in deciding which wig you want to buy. If you have a warmer sin tone, it is more likely to get tanned easily, while someone with a colder skin tone would get sunburnt often. This is why such people aren’t going to find too many options.

On the contrary, neutral skin tones are going to find a wider range of options. As for the eyes, someone with brown eyes is going to look better with black hair, whereas someone with blue eyes will look better with blonde hair. For those of you who are new to the world of wigs, please keep your skin tone and eye color in mind, when purchasing wigs.


It is another important factor you need to consider before selecting any product. You should choose product based upon your budget and requirement. So this is important aspect to choose best hair wig for men available online in India.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

Q1. What does it feel like to wear wigs?

Ans:- While hair wigs make you look very attractive and boost your confidence by a huge degree. If you purchase a cheaper wig and you think you’ve played a fair game, you’re wrong. The lower the cost of your wig, the higher the chances of it being very uncomfortable to wear. The hair wig from top brands are of better quality that go on your head seamlessly and feel like natural hair.

Q2. How often do you have to wash a wig?

Ans:- It is important to wash a wig after four to six weeks, or 30 wears. Nonetheless, the timespan for washing your wig also depends on your lifestyle. For example, if you are more exposed to smoke and pollution, then the wig you purchase needs to be washed more often compared to if you weren’t exposed to such conditions.

Q3. Do hair wigs look natural?

Ans:- If you’re wearing a wig for the first time, it is highly likely that the doubt of whether the wig looks natural or not will nag you. IF you have bought a synthetic wig then you’re in trouble because synthetic hair is nowhere near natural hair. On the contrary, a natural hair wig for man is made of human hair which gives it a much more authentic look and feel.

Q4. Which is the cheap and best hair wig for men?

Ans:- Amybria Men’s Hair Wig is the cheap and best hair wig for men available online.

Q5. Which are the best hair wigs for men under 5000?

Ans:- Kabello Hair Patch and Majik Hair Wig are the best hair wig for men under 5000.

Q6. What are the best hair wig brands in India ?

Ans:- Kabello, Glan & Majik are the best hair wig brands for men in India.

Q7. Which are the best hair wigs in India under 10000?

Ans:- Glan Hair Patch and Kabello Hair Toupee are the best hair wigs under 10000.


We have reviewed many products in this blog “Best Hair Wig for Men in India” , giving you a wide range of options to choose from that are stylish, natural looking, high quality, and also reasonably priced. We have carefully presented various options available online.

We recommend you to select Glan Hair Patch or Kabello Hair Toupee which are the best hair wig available online.

If you are having very tight budget then you can go with Kabello Hair Patch.

However, if you’re still confused about what wig you should purchase, refer to our buying guide and think about your requirement and budget, then you’ll be able to make a good decision!

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